About Us

Dragon Modular started from year 2019 in Suzhou city, main business will focus on tailor made container modules for energy industry. Based on more than 30 years combined experience worked for special container industry from our co-founders, we will continue to provide the most suitable solution to all the clients with our in-house engineering and fabrication team.       


Our Zone 1 & Zone 2 pressurized cabin can meet DNV2.7-1 and DNV2.7-2 requirement, which can work as service cabins like MWD, MUD LOGGING , H2S SHELTER etc, The Zone2 Generator and Compressor can provide a power or air source on the offshore environment which also can meet DNV2.7-1 and ATEX requirement. Our different type accommodation unit and E-house also build on high standard.

We co-operated with Dragon Industry (One of company owner) from year 2020 and developed blast-proof module for saving lives during explosion accident, which mostly happened for oil&gas, chemical industry. The modular design philosophy and standard meet ASCE41088, and the blast-proof rating can up to 10 bars. 

We set our target for customer satisfaction is 101%, 100% represent our product and service, the additional 1% means we want our customers will have repeat order, we are working for a long-term relation with all customers.