DNV2.7-1&DNV2.7-3 Mud Pump Skid

This DNV2.7-1&DNV2.7-3 MudPump Skid has been designedspecifically for use within dieselmud pump. It is suitable foronshore and offshore Oil & Gasindustry. The Mud pump skid system isdesign as

This DNV2.7-1&DNV2.7-3 Mud Pump Skid has been designed specifically for use within diesel mud pump. It is suitable for onshore and offshore Oil & Gas industry.

The Mud pump skid system is design as DNV2.7-1 Engine Skid and DNV2.7-3 Pump Skid, separate skids are much easy for transporation

The coupling unit designed for the system enables the diesel engine unit and the mud pump unit to quickly form a complete unit of work

Offshore design

▪ Diesel mud pump

▪ -40℃ ~ + 60℃

▪ Separate skids

▪ Quickly coupling unit

▪ F-1000 Mud Pump ▪ CaterPillar Engine

▪ DNV2.7-1 

▪ DNV2.7-2

▪ ATEX Zone-II(Engine Skid )